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Taheerah Safa Al-Amin

Born August 10, 1951.

Mother of two children,a son, Yusuf 23, who is an art student and a daughter, Maria 31, a paralegal/office manager.

Besides being trained in the classical arts, I create soft sculptured dolls when time allows.

Presently working on "WINTER'S KNIGHTS" a very religious science fiction/fantasy, that seems to posses me until it finishes itself.

I have been taught that one must always remember God does not place more on one then that person can bear.


Roanoke, Virginia/United States

Because of Passion

Just because you are locked behind
iron doors do you think I could love
you less? Is passions of a soul
more important than inner peace?
The heart is tied to you with
a thread that is stronger than steel.
Showing that the love I feel has
grown much more then ever dreamt.
You say the love in our heart
flows with such force and
you accept me as I am. This
gives me such joy that I can
hardly contain myself.
The passion I feel is so
unfamiliar to me that
I am afraid to say anything
that would make me wake
from what appears as a dream.

© Taheerah Safa Al-Amin

If For a Moment

If for a moment, I could hold you
forgetting the world around me,
letting all my love shine through
until it blots out the sun.
If for a moment, we could escape
the eyes and ears, to be with
each other as we wish to
breathing all our delicious joys.
If you could see the pure
love in my heart, you would
know how the visions are
revealed to me.
If for a moment the world
would stop to let me sing with
a pleasure, I can endure
the distance away from you.

© Taheerah Safa Al-Amin

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Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.