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Rasheed's Poet's Page

Born, October 14, 1946 in Arcadia, Oklahoma and grew up in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Named Frank Benjamin Parks in honor or maternal Grandfather, Frank Benjamin Traylor and called F. B.

Graduated from the segregated Faver High School Val of the class of 1964. Started writing in childhood.

Taught ninth grade math classes at John F. Kennedy Jr. High School in Oklahoma City before being drafted into the US Army. Served in Viet Nam one year and discharged in December 1970.

Reverted to Al-Islam in 1977 and thereafter changed his name to Faruq Bilal Rasheed.

1000's of poems and some short stories to credit with 2 self publish books of poems, "Some Sum Words" and "Read Qur'an the Message You Can Depend Upon".


  • 2 Time Poet Of The Month
  • Graduated from University of Oklahoma in 1972 with MRCPL.
  • Graduated from the Historically Black, Langston University in 1969 with a degree in Math Education.

Website: Rasheed's Place On The Web


Oklahoma/United States

"Poems Are Heaven Sent"

It seems that poems are in the air.
In fact I think it may be fair
To say they come to here from there.
Many a poet is roused from bed
With melodic verses ringing in head;
Poems already written begging to be read
Ringing, ringing, ringing in head.
Compelled to tune in and write them down,
Red eyed the next day the poet is found,
Because sleep has not been sound.
It seems that poems are in the air.
In fact I think it may be fair
To say they come to here from there;
And rouse us poets from our beds,
And ricochet inside our heads,
And compel us to give them vent;
Poems are no doubt heaven sent

İF. B. Rasheed ~ All rights reserved.


It's about scanning this refuse
And reclaiming for reuse
Things with substance and depth
Carving out places
And everlasting spaces
Rediscovering our long lost worth

İF. B. Rasheed ~ All rights reserved.

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Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.


Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.