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Nicole Jordan, known to NubianPoets as Poetica is from Baltimore, Md. and is currently a student at Frostburg State University, located in Western Maryland.

She is a criminal justice major with a concentration in Criminal Investigation/Law Enforcement.



Baltimore, Maryland/United States

Favorite Quote: "I love poetry dearly, its my form of self expression."

"Beautiful Black Man"

If I could compare anything to you,
it would be the tranquility of a thousand and one blue seas,
the whisper of the wind,
the glow of the moon,
and the warmth of the sun.

Because contrary to what
the world thinks of you,
you are beautiful in every
sense of the word.

Your beauty reaches farther than
the browness of your skin,
but rather,
it pierces the depth of your heart;
where lies the definition of a beautiful man-
a black man.
© Nicole Jordan All Rights Reserved

"Talk to Me"

Talk to me,
but don't talk to me about no sex,
I don't wanna hear you ask me no smooth poetic tone
Voulez-vous couchez avec moi se soir...
Cause Ima give you a big...
I think not
But instead you may ask me,
"ce qui sont vos reves
et comment peut Moi les faire devenir votre realite..."
~what are your dreams,
and how can I make them your reality

Speak to me in a language called love
Pure and unadulterated
and like I said,
leave out the lust-
You may be mildly sensual if you must...

Tease my senses,
Leave me on my toes
Have your words remind me
of sweet prose

Talk to me in a way that makes me
Feel proud to be a woman,
Make me feel respected
To the point where I feel unintentionally seduced
(because it is a requirement for you to be
just that damn good)

Give me butterflies
Dreamy eyes
Make me long for your verbiage
In a dry and weary land...

Rather yet,
Just do this-
Poetry me.

© Nicole Jordan All Rights Reserved

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