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Marshall V. Thomas, known as my_t_smooth, was born July 26, 1980 in Ft. Worth, Texas, and raised in Aurora, CO.

He is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, who was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army after six years of service.

He is married with a daughter, and now resides in Clarksville, TN. Currently he is pursuing a degree in Massage Therapy.Marshall has published his first book: Pain, Pleasure, and Sacrifice: The Poems of Marshall V. Thomas, and is currently working on his second book.



Clarksville, Tennessee/United States

Favorite Quote: "Lead or be lead, but don't fall behind, cause without a stance, you'd just be in the way..."--Marshall V. Thomas

"I Am..."

I am a man...of principle, standing firm on what I believe,
kicked down by oppression, but still I breathe.
I am a man...of faith, looking at times for answers unseen,
thankful to God for His bountiful mercies.
I am a man...of family, one has my heart, the other my soul,
for it is they who make me whole.
I am a man...of sensitivity, not afraid to shed a tear,
nor express my love for thee.
I am a man...of honor; proud of whom I've grown to be,
sure to leave a distinct legacy.
Try to figure me out if you don't seem to understand,
but make no mistake...I AM...A MAN!
© Marshall V. Thomas All Rights Reserved

"Count Down"

Tick. Tick. Tick...
Sitting here, my mind on track,
constantly being taken aback
by lying, underhanded hypocrites.
Claiming to be all for you,
but in the end, going behind
and hanging you with a noose.
Here we go again with excuse after excuse...
I'm tired of the mental abuse.
Can you handle the truth?
You take care of #1, why can't I?
Are you afraid I'll leave you mystified
from exposing all that boils over from inside?!
Don't try to match the scowl from within these eyes of mine.
Another lie has begun to form on your lips...
but I got you this time!
Think of something quick, you're almost out of time...
Tick. Tick. Tick...
No time to back track; too late to rewind.
How about the truth next time???

© Marshall V. Thomas All Rights Reserved

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Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.


Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.