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Gene Cole known as EbonyPoet, is a native of Orange NJ.

He has two kids who push me each day to be a good dad and also my 3 grandchildren.

Currently he is doing consulting work for a Photographic company in Linden NJ.

EbonyPoet writes to express the things that I see and feel in this lifetime.

His poetry can also be found on the InternationalLibrary of Poetry,Summer Love,America at the Millenium,Spoken words of Love, Nubianpoets,Post Poems, Mr.Africa, UrbanSugga.



Orange, New Jersey/United States

Awards& Honors

  • May 2002/November 2004-

    Langston Spoke Of

    One of our greatest African American poets of past centuries
    He spoke to America through his poetry
    Langston spoke of slavery
    Black struggles and achievements, equality

    Langston had a way of creating situations
    With flare, with class, with perfection
    When America needed to be heard
    Langston was the man, to touch us with his words

    Through Langstonís poetry
    You can hear Miles Davis trumpet solo, to Dr. Martin Luther Kingís oratory
    A true poet of American society
    Rooted in the black experience, with vision and clarity

    When it came to political and social justice, or the matter of race
    Langston captured the essence of the situations; his poetry gave it a face
    A man who could create a body of work that epitomized African American beauty
    One of Langstonís mottos read
    Hang yourself poet, in your own words, if you dare to speak to the world, otherwise you are dead

    A beautiful assortment of poetry
    Is a testament to Langston creativity?
    From 1921-1930 Negro speaks of rivers to song for a banjo dance
    Powerful written words that put Americaís mind in a trance

    From midnight Nan at Leroyís to a Summerís night
    Words that gave African Americans so much insight
    From 1941-1950
    Langston expanded his creativity of poetry

    Like Harlem sweeties, here are a few chords
    ìHave you dug the spill of sugar hill, that Harlem flare in his words
    Caramel treat, honey gold baby, sweet enough to eat

    Langston had that jazz flavor
    The bee bop swing to his poetry, each word you would savor
    To the poem that was dedicated to the death of Harry Moore
    Langston's words, his lyrical computations hit deep to the core
    Langston was a poetic master, with an urban flavor; he had the vision of American society
    From the negative to the positive, he was our eyes to reality
    His words reminded me
    Of a smooth jazz symphony

    Hitting you from every poetic side
    Expanding my thoughts, taking my mind on a spoken word ride
    Langstonís poetry
    Spanning 5 decades of this manís prolific creativity

    Langston paved the way
    For the poets of today
    With his flair and creativity
    From the Harlem renaissance to modern day society
    He left a legacy
    Of literature and lyrical acclamation, that will never fade away
    Somewhere in the heavens, Langston is looking down
    With a pad and pen, wearing his poetic crown

    EbonyPoet© 2004

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    Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.