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Vincent L. Jones writing under the pen name Blakprinze was Born in Texarkana , TX. Vincent now resides in Stockton, Ca.

Vincent discovered he enjoyed writing poetry at the ripe old age of nine. He wrote from that age up until his early twenties.Vincent, for years, battled with himself about why he was writing .So,he put the pen down for some time.After a few years though, without the words, he found he did not breathe the same.

Vincent has one very inquisitive son who keeps him on his poets toes.Currently He is an employee of the D.O.D which keeps his education and training up to speed.

At present Vincent is working on his first book of poetry tentatively titled "Ebon".

His poetry can also be found on the Urbanlivez web page.


Stockton, California/United States

Favorite Quote: To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.~Robert Frost

Awards& Honors

  • July 2003/January 2005 Poet of the Month

    Eye Of The Beholder (Perfect Roses)

    Searching for perfection
    in each rose
    I have encountered
    I have never found
    the perfection I sought
    I see now
    I have been blind
    it was not the rose
    that was imperfect
    It was my view of them
    for as I matured
    I discovered
    the roses
    they have all been
    © Vincent L. Jones

    "With My Face to The Sun"

    I've never been able to
    turn my back and walk away
    from a challenge

    I can't help but to stand
    Like momma told me

    With my face to the sun

    So,I can look my fears of failing
    Or of succeeding in the face
    And take what life throws at me head on

    So that,
    when I look back
    at the battles of yesterday
    Battles with the world and with myself

    I'll have no regrets
    about the skirmishes
    I lost with the world
    and I'll remain humble
    remembering the wars
    within myself I won

    I can say to myself
    I fought win or lose
    Head held up high
    Like momma told me

    With my face to the sun

    © Vincent L. Jones

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    Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved.