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2004 Poet of the Year

Brandi Rainey, known as Lyrikal, is a native of Jacksonville, FL.

She has two daughters who are the light of her life. Currently she is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Nursing and is having a ball.

Lyrikal writes because if she doesn't, she will cease to be.

Lyrikal has been given the honor of having her short story "Single Mother by Choice" published in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Single Parent's Soul.


  • November 2002/June2004-

Favorite Quote: One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.~Friedrich Nietzche~

Website: Lyrikal's Place


Jacksonville,Florida/United States

"The Girl That Used To Be Me"

alien in my own homeland
fumbling over planes and contours
that fingertips once navigated
with no need of a compass
my long-laboring heart
can't birth the words
that need to be released
from these lips that
seek his as
purcival to the grail

knocking at the door to
the other half of my soul
begging admittance
though i hold the key in my hand
treading lightly upon land
that was once my own
rusty tiara glitters no more
in the presence
of that which won't cease to be

strung up
and burned in effigy

my bodiless spirit
collects the ashes of
the girl that used to be
forms from them
the woman that is
takes her hand
and teaches her to fly

c. 2003 Brandi N. Rainey ~ All rights reserved.


Sister Moon caressed my face with invisible fingers
and the cool breath of Brother Wind teased my ears
the Night Sky enveloped me in her darkness
and i...
i lay upon Mother Earth
gazing up at the Stars
floating away in the warm ether
of a perfect winter's eve
and you...
you permeated my thoughts
as i inhaled night blooming jasmine
and heard your voice in the breeze
i closed my eyes and saw myself
standing on the precipice of love
afraid to fall
for all
love ever brought me
was pain
and despair

and the desire to never again
be trapped in its snare
but you came drifting into my life
so gently
so sweetly
that it was impossible not to get
caught up in
the sunshine of you
i opened my eyes
only to see myself
no longer on the precipice
but rather in the midst
of the great abyss
knowing only this...
i have already fallen

©2002 Brandi N. Rainey ~ All rights reserved.

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